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Duct work has an impact on our day to day lives yet we never give it much thought. Ducts are the arteries of your home comfort system. When properly sized, installed, and sealed your heating and cooling needs will be significantly more efficient.

The objectives of good duct work are occupant comfort, proper air distribution, and economical cooling and heating. Ducts remove stale air and disburse fresh air know as, “supply air”. If the supply ducts are leaking, heated or cooled air can be lost increasing the load on your home comfort system. This equates to a loss of energy and an increase in your utility bills.

Leaking ducts can cause energy bills to rise and system capacities to be reduced. Leaks can also be a source of unbalanced temperatures throughout the home. Return air duct leakage can cause dirty coils and can also allow contaminants to enter the air stream of the living space. Contact your professional technicians at Avis Heating and Air Conditioning so they can evaluate and test your ducts today.

Avis promotes the use of UV Lights to create clean air ducts. Cleaning the air ducts around your home can help to keep the air fresh and free of pollutants, allergens, and other debris. Dirty air ducts may lead to illnesses including heightened allergic reactions, rashes, and even respiratory or breathing problems. Having UV Lights fitted with your ducts can help to clean air ducts on an ongoing basis. UV Lights placed within the air ducts of your home are perfectly safe.

At AVIS Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer many different payment options: 

You may choose to pay CASH or write a CHECK. We also accept the following major CREDIT CARDS:


Another option you may wish to consider is to FINANCE your purchase.

We provide several financing options with Wells Fargo Financing.  Our AVIS technician will bring the paperwork to your home and assist you in completing the finance application. You never have to leave your home. When the application is complete, we will handle the submission to the bank.


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