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Why do I need to have maintenance done on my furnace and/or air conditioning?

It is just like servicing your car.  You service your car to keep it in top running order and your car lasts longer with regular maintenance. The same is true with your furnace and air conditioner.  They contain dozens of working mechanisms that are vital to the most efficient performance by your system.  We also do a full safety inspection to make sure that your comfort system is operating safely for your family.

Why fix something that is not broke?

Your heater and air conditioner are the most expensive appliances in your home. They have many working parts. For the most efficient performance and longest operating life, you need to maintain them.

How often should I have my home comfort system serviced?

All of the manufacturers recommend service at least once a year, twice is better. Utility companies advise the same for the most energy efficient operation.

The Gas Company comes out for free. Why should I pay Avis?

The gas company checks for leaks and does a visual inspection. In addition to those things, our certified technicians clean out the blower motor, check for cracks inside the fire box, read and record pressure levels to make sure the unit is operating at it’s best, inspect and tighten all connections, etc. We do a 26 point tune-up on your air conditioning and an 18 point checkup on your furnace.

Will I get a discount if I sign a 3 year maintenance agreement?

Yes, you will. Our Energy Savings Agreement saves you money on twice yearly maintenance visits as well as a 15% discount on parts and labor for any repairs needed and an additional 5% discount on any equipment you may purchase.  

I need a new heater but I don’t have that kind of money available. What can I do?

At Avis, we accept Master Card, Visa and Discover as well as offer financing thru Wells Fargo Bank.  Financing paperwork is filled out in your home with the help of the technician.  You never need to leave your home. We handle it for you.

Do I have to buy a furnace and air conditioner at the same time?

No, you may buy either alone. However, for optimum function, it is best if they are both changed out at the same time. It is not a necessity. It is your choice.

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