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We all have contaminates in the air in our homes. They come from cleaning products, paint, alcohol, and many other common sources.

The unit commonly referred to as a PCO cleans the air using the process of Photocatalytic Oxidation. The PCO is the photocatalyst that becomes reactive to various wavelengths of UV light. They are proven to convert harmful carbon dioxide at room temperature into non-harmful carbon dioxide. They attack volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on surfaces and in the air such as cleaning solvents, alcohol, paint fumes, ketones, aromatic compounds and benzene (from cigarette smoke) and also the VOCs that contain carbon elements that come from office machines, carpeting, upholstery and adhesives converting them into benign constituents such as water and carbon dioxide. (H2O and C02)

Chemistry scientists from the University of Colorado and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory conducted experiments testing the effectiveness of photocatalytic oxidation against harmful VOCs. They found that destruction of these contaminates was nearly 100%.
In another study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy, scientists found that photocatalytic oxidation converted more than 95% of harmful VOC chemicals to harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules.

The PCO hooks onto a UV light assembly. The PCO never needs to be replaced. Only the UV light bulb will need replacing every couple of years. This is an excellent investment to protect the air quality in your home.

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